About us

who we are

What is manicpod?

manicpod Digital Radio is a podcasting network, with its headquarters in Chembur, Mumbai, India.

As the medium of podcasting in India grows as an industry, manicpod wants to assist new podcast creators by helping them develop their creative content ideas.

We believe in building the artist up; we invest in their creative potential. By assisting aspiring creators in podcast development, we help them reach the peak of the podcasting game. We collaborate with interesting voices by outfitting them with high-quality podcasting resources, and helping them actualize their potential.

This is why manicpod provides free hosting services. This is why we built a state-of-the-art recording studio in Mumbai, with individuals trained in podcast scripting, production, and sound design. Our aim has been to create a platform that inspires a collaborative spirit and a unique ecosystem.

We are the new front-line of the podcast recording revolution! And we want you to join us there as we push forward.

About the manicpod app

Manicpod users can access & listen to their favourite podcast shows using our app which is available both for Android & iOS devices.

You can discover podcasts, explore & listen to handpicked audioblogs, listen to some of the greatest minds having conversations, and find what you need with Audio Classifieds - all on the manicpod app.

Another amazing feature we offer on our app are micropods. Micropods are short-form podcasts where you can share quick thoughts, updates, stories, ideas, and virtually anything you like, with the world. No need for professional set-ups or high-end podcasting equipment; simply hit record on manicpod and create your own micropod! Also like, share, and comment on your favorite micropods.

The Manicpod Advantage

The services & products that we collectively provide at manicpod studios are all part of an experience. When a user opens the manicpod app, or when a podcast artist comes to our recording studio for a professionally guided studio session, we want to enrich them with an experience.

Podcasting doesn’t have to be just a job, a hobby, or a task anymore. Manicpod has turned podcasting into an experience. Various factors like high-tech recording equipment, trained podcasting experts, etc., is exactly what “The manicpod Advantage” is.

Advantages of Manicpod

A state-of-the-art recording studio design with a wide array of podcast recording equipment to accommodate your recording style.

Access to our Office Space

Access to our office space allows you to edit and work on the non-audio elements of your podcast feature.

Acces to guest speakers

Speak to guest speakers and learn from their experience on the Manicpod Direct podcast shows.

Social Media Channels

We promote your podcasts across our Social Media Channels

Access to our in-house staff

Assistance from our in-house staff for consultation on your show to ensure the best podcast quality.

Free Hosting

Free podcast hosting on our website and apps on iOS and Android

With Great Work Culture Comes Great Productivity

The nature of the work culture at any workplace is a major defining factor of their productivity and output. We’ve established a highly free-flowing environment at manicpod Studios to enable our workforce to give their best everyday.

Emphasizing on a friendly and easy-going environment prevents our employees from feeling to pressurized. A work environment like ours also promotes creativity (something that you can go to our Instagram reels section to confirm) by being more open towards new ideas and welcoming all suggestions.

We also promote socializing between our employees so that everyone feels like they belong in the workplace, creating an atmosphere that is comfortable for them. Simple activities like creative brainstorming sessions, after-hours Youtube videos & Buzzfeed quizzes, and snack runs are a big part of manicpod’s co-working space.

Syno Media Products

Audio Shorts

Courtesy of our text-to-speech and speech-to-text software, we have an innovative segment which employs short audio clips instead of using text.

Audio Shorts include 3 different products, namely Audio Blogs, Audio Classifieds, and Conversations. “Audio Blogs” are a new medium that we’ve created to let bloggers share their content in the form of audio. “Audio Classifieds” are again a newly developed method for people to create listings and classifieds as short audio clips.

The “Conversations” feature allows users to discuss their opinions & ideas all from your phone through a podcast format.

Text-to-Voice & Voice-to-Text

This is our version of the software that allows us to convert Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text in conjunction with our other offerings.

The Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text software we offer as a part of our Audio Shorts is not only limited to those. We take on any project from clients who have the need for our software technology.

Language Learning

Want to learn another language? We offer the chance to do that through our Audio-based Language Learning modules where you can learn words, phrases and conversations.

At manicpod Studios, we’re constantly trying to innovate with technology, creatives, and production. We have developed a language learning algorithm that simplifies the basics of languages and breaks them down to effectively assist a user in learning a new language. Our Learning Modules currently have 5 languages including Spanish, English, Hindi, French, and German.


Audio-based games where one can listen to snippets of audio and try to guess the source material. Can you get them all?

A fun activity inspired from the original radio shows, AudioGames are a fun & interactive segment where we get to communicate with our users.

ManicPod Radio

ManicPod Radio is our news-based offering. We offer Bulletins and News blasts using our Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-text software.

Users can access ManicPod Radio to obtain informative, news-based content in form of short briefs, simplifying how users stay up-to-date with news.

Audio Solutions: EZCOMM

An Audio Intranet that we are offering to Companies and Influencers. Build your own Audio-based network using our Solutions.

We’re the experts in audio & podcasting solutions. Are you trying to build an audio-based network of your own? Syno Media can help you design and set up the audio intranet through our expertise.