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Podcast hosting on manicpod is simple.

If you are a podcast enthusiast who wants to get into creating podcasts, you’ve come to the right place! Manicpod is the ultimate, one-stop online podcasting platfor any podcast creator could ever wish for. With resources like a state-of-the-art recording studio for high quality production, a team of podcasting experts to guide you through your podcasting journey, and a podcast app to showcase your content on, manicpod has streamlined how podcasts are produced in India.

Already have a podcast recorded? Uploading your podcast on manicpod is incredibly easy! Follow the steps mentioned below to host your podcast for free!

Create Upload and Stream
  • Podcast Upload

    Use manipod's podcast website to upload your podcast episode in .mp3/.wav formats. Connect existing podcasts using an RSS link.

  • Podcast Setup

    Set up your podcast on manicpod by designing a podcast cover, deciding on a cool podcast name, and adding tags related to your podcast topic.

  • Podcast Review

    Submit your podcast for review. Once accepted, we will distribute your podcast across various platforms and host it on our app & website.

manicpod Podcasting Solutions

Although podcasting is not a very new phenomenon, the current stage at which India’s podcasting infrastructure stands can make it highly tricky for a podcaster to effectively utilize the medium of podcasting. Creators find themselves getting too busy at the business end of podcasting, which often disables them from devoting enough time to the creative side of podcasting.

This is where manicpod comes in. We assist podcast creators in handling the business end of podcasting, so that they can focus on what they’re truly passionate about. Manicpod is more than just a podcasting app or a podcasting consultancy, we are a podcasting community. For that reason, we provide our podcasting solutions to all manicpod users for free!

We host your podcast on our website, distribute it to globally popular podcasting platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and JioSaavn, and provide access to weekly analytics on your podcast’s performance at zero cost!

  • Hosting

    Manicpod provides its users free podcast hosting services across its website and apps.

  • Distributing

    We help you distribute your podcasts to podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and JioSaavn for free!

  • Analytics

    Access weekly analytics on your performance across manicpod's podcast platforms, and track your podcast's success through simplified data!

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say it

Share your thoughts, stories, opinions, rants, and more with our short-form, 3-minute podcasting feature.

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And So Much More...

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The manicpod Recording Studio

When you’re involved with content, and especially digital content, optimizing the podcast’s quality can make a significant difference in how good your podcast performance is. For that reason, manicpod provides creators with professional podcast equipment in its state-of-the-art podcast recording studio.

The manicpod recording studio gives your podcast the edge.

At our recording studio, we help podcasters achieve the best audio quality on their podcasts with our high-end recording equipment. The studio’s ergonomics ensure complete sound-proofing so that your podcasts sound crisp, and have no disturbances or background noise.

Worried about the studio getting hot from the Mumbai heat? We have that covered with our silent Air Conditioning system which makes sure that podcasters feel comfortable throughout the recording session.

Learn more about our recording studio here.


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