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Blogs have existed for a long time now. Their popularity, ease-of-access, nature, objective, and creations have evolved heavily over the years. Blogs that are written & published in today’s times have become quite different from what they actually originated as. Amidst this transformation, manicpod has decided to innovate with a different approach to how blogs are accessed - Audioblogs.

The intended purpose of audioblogs remains the same - they give people a chance to share their thoughts and ideas with the world, but in the medium of audio. The medium of audio has established itself as more efficient to fulfill the objectives of a blog.

Using our audioblog feature is simple. Write to us at to get your blog converted into an audio blog using our text-to-speech algorithm. It's really that simple!

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Blogs have always been a highly effective medium to share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions with the world through the internet. By upgrading the same idea that blogs implemented and adding an audio-angle to them, we’ve created audioblogs which stay true to the original concept of blogs.